IOW CZ s.r.o.

Pekařská 1639/79a
747 05 Opava 5

IČO: 277 91 882
DIČ: CZ 277 91 882

Phone: +420 553 654 803
GSM: +420 605 355 795
Fax: +420 553 654 802

We are a leading distributor and representative for Drive Train Components, Mechanical Gearboxes, Power Hydraulic, Cooling Systems and Filtration Technologie in Central and Eastern Europe. IOW was established in 1990 and do have a long term relationship to most of our customers and suppliers. Our partners & suppliers are the Market Leaders and are well know all over the world.

Our customers, from small local companies to big international players, are mainly Original Equipment Manufactors ( OEMs ) in the sectors of Mechanical Engineering, Construction Equipment, Mining Mashines, Agriculture Equipment, Marine Sector, Railway Mashines, Material Handling, Truck and Buss Industry, etc.

We are providing New Components as well as Service and Spare parts for our customers. We are keeping big stocks for OEMs products and Spare Parts in our warehouses.

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