CAPACITY Consult Operator's Manual on applicable machine model for system capacity. Torque Converter, Transmission and allied hydraulic system must be considered as a whole to determine capacity.

CHECK PERIOD Check oil level DAILY with engine running at 500-600 RPM and oil at ISCT to 200'F .
[ 82,2-93,3'C] . Maintain oil level to FULL mark..

NORMAL * Every 500 hours, change oil filter element.
DRAIN PERIOD Every 1000 hours, drain and refill system as follows: Drain with oil at 150' to 200'F .
[ 65,6-93,3'C ].

NOTE: It is recommended that filter elements be changed after 50 and 100 hours of operation on new and rebuilt or repaired units.

(a) Drain transmission and remove sump screen. Clean screen thoroughly and replace, using new gaskets.
(b) Drain oil filters, remove and discard filter elements. Clean filter shells and install new elements.
(c) Refill transmission to LOW mark.
(d) Run engine at 500-600 RPM to prime converter and lines.
(e) Recheck level with engine running at 500 - 600 RPM and add oil to bring level to IOW mark. When oil temperature is hot ( 180-200'F .) [ 82,2-93,3'C ] make final oil level check. BRING OIL LEVEL TO FULL MARK.


Prevailing Ambient Temperature

Temperature Range "1"
(a) C-2 Grade 30
(b) C-3 Grade 30
(c) Engine Oil:-Grade 30 API-CD/SE or CD/SF
(d) MIL-L-2104C-Qrade30
(e) MIL-L-2104D-Grade30

Temperature Range "2"
(a) MIL-L-2104C-Grade 10
(b) MIL-L-2104D-Grade 10
(c) C-2 Grade 10
(d) C-3 Grade 10
(e) Engine Oil:-Grade 10 API-CD/SE or CD/SF
(f)Ouintolubric 822-220 (Non Phosphate Ester Fire Resistant Fluid)

Temperature Range "3"
(a) * Dexron
(b) * Dexron II D - Sea CB

Temperature Range "4"
(a) MIL-L-46167
(b) MIL-L-46167 A

Temperature Range "5"
(a) Conoco High-Pertormance Synthetic Motor Oil ? Range Spec, No. 6718
PREFERRED OIL VISCOSITY; Select highest oil viscosity compatible with prevailing ambient temperatures and oil application chart.

Temperature ranges " 2 " and " 3 " may be used to lower ambient temperatures when sump preheaters are used.
Temperature range " 4 " should be used only in ambient temperature range shown.

MODULATED SHIFT TRANSMISSIONS : T12000. 18000, 24000, 28000 & 32000 series transmissions wi1h modulated shift use only C-3 ortemperature range 3 i1ems (a) & (b) "Dexron or "Dexron II D. SEE CAUTION BELOW. 3000. 4000. 5000, 6000, 8000, 16000 & 34000 series transmissions with modulated shift use only C-3 or temperature range 3 item (a) only 'Dexron. Do NOT use bullDexron II D. SEE CAUTION BELOW.

CAUTION: Dexron II D is not compatible with graphitic clutch plate friction material UNLESS IT MEETS THE APPROVED C-3 SPECIFICATIONS. 'Oexron II D cannot be used in the 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 8000, 16000 or 34000 series power shift transmissions, or the HR28000& HR32000 series having con- verter lock-up, or the CZ70 series converter having lock-up UNLESS IT MEETS THE APPROVED C-3 SPECIFICATIONS. Any deviation from this chart must have written approva! from the application department of the Clark-Hurth Components Engineering and Marketing Department.

* Normal drain periods and filter change intervals are for average environmental and duty-cycle conditions. Severe or sustained high operating temperatures or very dusty atmospheric conditions will cause accelerated deterioration and contamination.
For extreme conditions judgment must be used to determine the required change intervals.


( after the overhauled, repaired or new transmission was been installed in machine )
To qualify for warranty, the following must be done:
1. Change oil filter (if the filter not is include in the transmission )
2. Change or clean the oil cooler, pipes and hoses. If you have any doubts that the cooler is absulute clean, replace it with a new one.
3. After 50 hours of operation, the filter must be replaced. Thereafter normal replacement intervals.
4. When starting up, check cluth and converter pressure as well as that the oil temperature is with the given values.
5. Use only original filters !!!

We supply components not filled with oil ! Check the OEM instructions and fill up oil of:
* Correct quality
* To the right level
If you are unsure, please contact us by phone : +4876 8522117 or +4876 8522118

Before towing the vehicle, be sure to lift the rear wheels off the ground or disconnect the driveline to avoid damage to the transmission during towing.

NOTE: If the transmission has 4 wheel drive disconnect both front and rear drivelines. Because of the design of the hydraulic system, the engine cannot be started by pushing or towing.

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